Chantings of a Daughter

I have enshrined your name Mother within my heart,

There is nothing equal to it,

Meditating in Remembrance on it,

My troubles are taken away,

Chanting your name….I have received the blessed,

I am reminded of your Darshan,

Many thousand days I don’t see you maa (mother),

When you were here I never realized you were here,

You gave even before I asked you for,

You were the creator, the half part of me,

You are half alive in me, half in bhaiya (brother),

You always cured us; we could not cure you,

Your intolerant absence, make me chant your name..

You were the many names people had given you,

For me you were the only god I met in life,

So I chant your name.. माँ(mother).