Galib Returns..

Hazaaron khwahishein…to read Galib was lost in the fast paced track of life when i unexpectedly struck gold and found
“Love Sonnets of Ghalib:The first complete English translation,explication,lexicon,and transliteration of Ghalibs’s sonnets” by Dr.Sarfaraz K.Niazi in the literary section of Central library situated in Bhopal..

The movie “Mirza Galib” introduced me to Galib at the age of 10,it was one of the much loved movie of my mother.
Jagjit Singh made me fall in love with his shayari..

“Baat niklegi toh phir door talak jaayegi
Log be-wajah udaasi ka sabab puchhenge
Ye bhi puchenge ke tum itni pareshan kyun ho”

but at that time such verses only meant some Urdu words put together to romanticize circumstances and reality of lives,though after a decade,since the day I have fallen in love i recite many of his verses to him..and can associate,the passion with which Galib had written them..

“Woh aaye ghar mein humaare khuda ki qudrat hai
Kabhi hum unko kabhi apne ghar ko dekhte hain”

The eternity and the significance of Galib even after so many years,generation after generation is immortal,his verses also refereed as sonnets are written in Urdu(Persian script) crosses all barriers beyond the linguistic.The expression,the mystery and the magic that he created in the two lined couplets,makes him one of the most fascinating and interesting poets of all ages.

“Khaamoshi mein nihaan khun gashta(h) laakhon arzuen hain
Chiragh-e murda(h) hun main be zaban, gor-e ghariban ka”
(Hidden in the silence are millions of desires that have been bled out;
I am just a silent, snuffed out lamp at the grave of a stranger)


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