Plastic bag to the rescue!

As i was returning home from some errand yesterday, I saw something that shocked me. From a car that was coming towards me I saw a trail of trash flying out behind it. Empty packets of chips, soft drink bottles, what not. Before I knew it, the beautiful road was littered with the irresponsibility of those people.

Whenever I’m out, and I look around, what I see everywhere I go, like a permanent fixture, is a huge pile of litter. Then I see an empty garbage bin. WHY? The municipal corporation has provided us with trash cans everywhere, but what most people do is try to play basketball with the trash – it ends up landing all around the bin, not inside it! It keeps piling up, and then a point comes when we are too disgusted to even go near the bin. Who put the trash there? We did. Please remember, it is not a sweeper’s job to clean it, it is OUR job to use the garbage bin.

In some places, there are no garbage bins at all. This is not the issue, however, I have the solution to this problem as well. In case you travel a lot, or you live in a place where garbage bins have not been provided, please carry a medium-sized plastic bag with you. Just a medium-sized one – when deflated and folded, it will fit into your wallet/purse/trouser pocket. It will serve the following purposes:

1. It will be your carry-around trash bag. Your toffee-wrappers, cigarette butts, empty packets of chips, empty plastic bottles, waste paper, waste tissue and all sorts of trash will go into this bag. You will carry it until you find a garbage bin where you can dispose it. Now please don’t think you’ll look “uncool” carrying a bag full of useless stuff with you. I carry a trash bag with me and use it effectively all the time, nobody gives a damn about what you’re carrying (except for snatchers, of course…but, keeping in mind the contents of the bag, we don’t need to worry about them 😛 )

2. Save the city some litter. Imagine how pleasant a trash-free sidewalk would be.

3. Save the sweepers some trouble – they are humans too, just like us. If you had to sweep other people’s laziness off a sidewalk, how would you feel? (It doesn’t feel good, I once had to pick up a half-eaten pattis lying on the footpath and dispose it at a proper place. When food items are thrown on the sidewalk, the most convenient excuse is, “I left it for that stray dog, he can have it!” Well my dear fellow, if the mongrel wanted it, it would come to you and wag its tail crazy. If any other animal wants it, they can leap right into the garbage bin and have it; they’re not lazy like you, so do kindly shut up.)

4. You’ll feel good you did something for the city 🙂

I urge our kind readers to carry a plastic bag with them the next time they go out. Spread the word, bring more people in – when enough people say no to littering, we may actually be able to “see” the change. If we cannot clean the already messed-up places, the least we can do is take care of this issue at a personal level, because, as we have all heard, “Change starts from within.” 🙂


3 thoughts on “Plastic bag to the rescue!

  1. Great thought!:) But I believe plastic bags are not an eco-friendly idea as there are seen choking the drains and causing havoc to already suffering drainage systems in the metro cities. Its a matter of perspective you look things at. We wouldn’t do the same we were in Singapore or elsewhere. I think it ‘ll be cigarette “buds” instead!

    • 🙂 thanks for sharing your opinion, Rajat. This article was just our effort of trying to get people to check littering at a personal level. As far as environmental concern goes, once the litter from the plastic bags goes in the garbage bin, it is the concerned authorities that are required to do the rest. As responsible citizens, we should use dustbins in public places – this is the basic message of this article 🙂

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