A little longing of aayushi-aditi..

We yearn to sit under shady trees,
and watch the falling leaves midway in air, the little sparrows, what a lovely pair?
a little plant trying to grow, fireflies in its entire glow,
the little things in life we want to feel, like the warm summer wind,
the fragrant breeze of spring and the winter chill,
working on realmofreverie we want to grab a cup of warm tea,
and sit by the window watching the first drizzle of rainy season.
or read a Ruskin Bond book for the hundredth time,
we want to travel the world and make many friends in all places,
we want to walk barefoot on a beautiful beach and collect seashells,
build a sand castle, and if get fortunate enough, we will spot a starfish!
we want to stay up in the night, and collect more LITTLE LONGINGS,
we want to stay in bed till late mornings when it’s too cold,
but we want to wake up to the song of birds too.
aayushi-aditi, wants to see the first light of day streak out from behind the clouds,
and the last rays of sun fading out below the horizon;
we want to watch a little plant,
growing up and becoming a tree,
we want to know what love is,
and above everything else,
all the crazy, wonderful, insane people out there in the world,
we want to be with you, know you, without talking at all we want to talk about our entire world to you,
DEAR READERS, we want to be in your cup of coffee, when you read realmofreverie.


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